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Log in to our online dashboard and start adding your asset information.

Attach Your Files

Upload your files, and create an asset. Add optional fields for finding the item: categories it belongs to, the picture of the asset and upload all associated files. Attach files in word, Excel and PDF.

Generate, Scan and Print Your QR Code

Generate a QR code, and attach it to your asset. Scan your QR codes with the DeReader mobile app and view your asset information and files.

Print your QR Code on materials like stickers, plastic and metal and have them shipped directly to you from a local printer.

Click here to for a tutorial on how DeReader works.

Benefits and Features:

  • Security you can control
  • Data longevity
  • Automatically generate a QR code for any part or asset
  • Use DeReader’s mobile app to scan QR codes. Make it easier for workers to create work requests and update work orders on the go
  • Secure payment
  • Saving when offline
  • Manage assets from a unified platform
  • See your assets and the ones you have scanned on the go

Examples of Use

Basic Use Case

You can easily create any asset to help you organize and store important information.

For example, use QR codes for projects and group work in the office or at school. DeReader can store anything you need to track information and share with colleagues, teachers and students. Simple and easy.

Household Use Case

You can create a home asset. Track all of your receipts and other information in your home with DeReader.

For example, you can track all your home assets not only for insurance purposes but also keeping track of renovations. No need to remember the right paint colours, they are in the code. Just scan and retrieve.

You can collect and store all the important assets for your home in one central location. So that even if you lose all the physical receipts, you will still have the digital copies in your DeReader account.

Car Use Case

You can create a car asset. Track all your car receipts and work done on your car with DeReader.

For example, when you sell your car online you can attach this QR code with it, anyone interested can quickly scan it and verify the vehicle.

Otherwise, you can leave the QR code on your car, so that buyers can scan it on your car and see all the relevant information you need them to see.

Most note taking apps will let you do this but where DeReader shines is the ability to share this info with others. You get a QR code for your asset and you can share this QR code digitally or physically.

Business Use Case

You can create specific assets for your business. Whether it be company cars, equipment or inventory.

Initially DeReader was designed for managing information on oil field assets. Pipelines sometimes get decommissioned and their safety and legal documents attached to it get buried underground. So to retrieve that information an expensive task of digging up and searching for the tag falls on the buyer of the pipeline. To remove this problem, we figured let’s just track the information digitally, however we figured our platform can be used for this and many other purposes.

The need to broadcast information to select people who have access to the QR code can be useful for many business use cases:

  • Inventory management

  • Warehouses

  • Company cars and equipment

  • Advertisement

  • Storefront signs

For example, for testing equipment, No need to look for calibration certification paperwork. Now the certs are with your equipment in real time. Just scan and see.

The huge bonus to our tagging system is if you sell the field or acquire a field with our tagging system in it you don’t have the added cost of changing the tags, you simply change the information inside of it to the new company and their contact information, as per regulatory requirements, and now the tags are updated never having to go out into the field.

Our tags are fully transferable and once the new owners encryption is updated they have full access to change the information as their own. Come and checkout our web app at

The scanner is a free download from the App Store and Google Play.