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Eliminate paperwork from your life. Connect your physical assets to any accompanying documentation. Share it with anyone, anywhere.

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Our Story

A Message from our founders: Jim Williams and Lisa Balash

My business partner Lisa and I come from an oil and gas background with a combined experience of over 50 years. We started as welders and worked our way up through the inspection and quality aspects of our careers. We have both seen and experienced the difficulties of trying to complete a project, not having access to the information or having to purchase a new asset because the one you have on-site does not have paperwork.

We have witnessed commissioning not being able to work as they are missing data sheets or manuals. We have seen companies have to spend extra costs and time to rebuild spools and purchase new assets just because they can not find the paperwork that is required by regulations before it can be installed.

We figured there had to be a better way to not only save time but save costs due to down time while waiting to receive the information.

Our Process

Store and retrieve public data

This tedious frustrating process helped us develop our app. We discovered a huge need for a service that can store and retrieve public data. If you have a product or asset people want to retrieve information for, our app is for you.

App Store - DeReader
Play Store - DeReader

DeReader Tutorial

Examples Of Use

DeReader is not limited to office and workplace use

Our app can be implemented in all facets of your day-to-day life.

DeReader - Use DeReader QR codes
Organize Information

Use DeReader QR codes for projects and group work in the office or at school

DeReader can store anything you need to track information and share with colleagues, teachers and students. Multiple uses, for all ages with no geographical barriers

DeReader - Track your information
Household Use

Track your receipts and other information

Track all of your receipts and other information in your home with DeReader.

  • Insurance
  • Renovations (Paint colours, tools, measurements)

You can collect and store all the important assets for your home in one central location. So that even if you lose all the physical receipts, you will still have the digital copies in your DeReader account. Keep important information safe.

DeReader - Track your car

Track your car receipts and work done on your vehicle

Track all of your receipts and other information in your home with DeReader.

  • Online - Attach DeReader QR codes on your posting, anyone interested can quickly scan it and verify the vehicle.
  • On the car - Buyers can scan it on your car and see all the relevant information you need them to see.

Share codes digitally or physically

DeReader - You can create specific assets

You can create specific assets for your business

Whether it be company cars, equipment or inventory.

The need to broadcast information to select people who have access to the DeReader QR code can be useful for many business cases:

  • Inventory management
  • Warehouses
  • Company cars and equipment
  • Advertisement
  • Storefront signs
  • Product information

When testing equipment, no need to look for calibration certification paperwork. Now the certifications are with your equipment in real-time. Just scan and see.

DeReader allows you to edit information within a tag, so if you were to sell an asset or acquire a new one there won’t be any added costs. Our tags are fully transferable and once the new owner’s encryption is updated, they have full access to change the information as their own. Save your business time and money

DeReader - Benefits


  • Save time and money
  • Environmentally friendly: Eliminate the need for paperwork with the DeReader App
  • Multiple uses (work or personal) This app will benefit you at work or at home
  • Keeps your information safe and with you at all times
  • Easy for anyone to use, from beginners to tech geeks!
  • Share information virtually to anyone in person or online
  • Feel reassured knowing your information is stored and backed up
  • With a traditional QR code, you won’t be able to make edits to the information stored within the code. When you do, you’ll have to issue a new QR code. DeReader eliminates this inconvenience. The DeReader code never changes but you can edit and update new details using your DeReader profile.
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Everything you need to manage your assets, in the palm of your hands.

App Store - DeReader
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