Scan. Share. Collaborate.

Everything you need to manage your business and personal assets, in the palm of your hands.

State-Of-The-Art Mobile and Desktop App

Introducing DeReader, a state-of-the-art mobile and desktop app that manages your assets anywhere

Keep Track of your assets

Keep track of receipts and documentation (insurance, vehicle and renovations)

Organize your assets

Organize school projects; share it with classmates and teachers

Collaborate with anyone

Collaborate with overseas clients, colleagues, businesses or family

Share workplace documentation

Monitor and share workplace documentation (inventory, construction, travel receipts)

Send information to customers

Send customers valuable product or business information (selling a car, menu at your restaurant)

Simply upload your information, link it to one of our DeReader codes and start scanning.

Access your most important asset information on your phone or desktop, share it with anyone in the world in an instant. Rest easy knowing your information is securely with you anytime anywhere.

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DeReader - Benefits


  • Back up important paperwork, information or data from unforeseen accidents
  • Secure and control your assets
  • Increase productivity through virtually sharing information with co-workers, team members and classmates
  • Manage assets from a unified platform
  • See your assets, and the ones you have scanned on the go
  • Increase customer satisfaction through sharing important service and/or product information anytime
  • Remove geographic barriers when connecting with friends, family, businesses, or customers
State-Of-The-Art Mobile and Desktop App

4 steps to get started

Download and Sign Up

Download and Sign Up

Download and sign up for the DeReader Asset Management App.

Assign Files

Assign Files

Assign files & information to a custom DeReader Code within the App.

Attach the code

Attach the code

Attach the DeReader Code to your asset

Share & view

Share & view

Scan, edit, share and view!

DeReader - Industries
Industries Using DeReader App

Industries benefiting from the DeReader App

  • Inventory Management
  • Event Management
  • Oil and Gas
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Hospitals
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Supply Chain
  • Inspection
  • Education
  • Asset Tracking

What our users have to say

Jenny from Calgary

"DeReader is amazing! I am in my 3rd year of university and I use DeReader to share notes with my classmates. Last semester I lost my notebook for Biology but luckily, I had it backed up on DeReader. Truly a lifesaver! Since then, I have uploaded all my notes to the app and told my classmates to do the same. If one of us misses a lecture we simply send them the DeReader Code. It’s easy, simple to use and has made finals week so much less stressful.”"

You Want To Sell Your Car?

Here’s an Easy Example of How the DeReader App Works

  • Download DeReader, and attach any important information to a DeReader code provided through the app. Include the make, model, colour and millage.
  • Share your code online or attach it on your car.
  • Customers can now scan the code and view your vehicle’s information.
DeReader - Sell your car
DeReader - Download and Sign Up
Step One

Download and Sign Up

  1. Download DeReader from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign up using your name, email and create a password
DeReader - Assign files
Step Two

Assign files and information to a QR Code

  1. Select a DeReader code
  2. Pick a recipe: Pipeline or basic
  3. Add information: Name and identify your asset
  4. Add Identification: Name, identify, type of field and value
  5. Add the location: Address, postal code or coordinates
  6. Add the physical: What it looks like, name, units
  7. Add any other important information to your asset
  8. Attach files: Word Doc, Excel, or PDF
  9. Save your asset
DeReader - Attach it to your asset
Step Three

Attach it to your asset

  1. Generate a DeReader code and attach it to your asset
  2. Print your DeReader code on stickers, plastic or metal. Get it shipped from your local printer
DeReader - Scan and View
Step Four

Scan and View

  1. Use DeReader to scan and view your asset's information
  2. Share your code with others
Download The App

Everything you need to manage your assets, in the palm of your hands.

App Store - DeReader
Play Store - DeReader